Minutes of the Association Meetings

As the Association continues to grow and develop, getting the news out to the owners will be even more important.  Please use the page to keep up with the minutes of the Association and as they occur the Board of Directors.  We can also post notes from other owners and other notices here as well.  Just let us know what you would like to see posted.


WP Annual Minutes 6-11-13           WP Annual Minutes 6-3-14     WP Annual Minutes 6-3-15     WP Annual Minutes 6-30-16     WP Annual Minutes 7-11-17    WP Annual Minutes 3-12-18     WP Annual Minutes 2-7-19     WP Annual Minutes 2-11-20

         WP BOD Minutes 2-26-18          WP BOD Minutes 12-4-18     WP BOD Minutes 6-18-19     WP BOD Minutes 2-11-2020     WP BOD Minutes 3-3-2020        WP BOD Minutes 6-24-2020     WP BOD Minutes 9-28-2020


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