Governing Documents

              Association Governing Documents   

To be a well informed member of the Association, it is important that we give you information that you need and make it easy for you to access.  This page will be a central location for you to be able to access all the Governing Documents of the Wyndsor Pointe Homeowners Association.  Simply select the document you want to read and it will open in a PDF format in a new window.


Declaration               Bylaws            1st Amend w/consent          Community Plat               Roofing Policy               Copy Policy

Standard Payment Plan                Solar Device Policy               Rainwater Collection               Flag Display                Religious Item Display Policy

Document Retention               Email Policy            red buttonFirst Amendment to Declaration          red button Third Amendment to Declaration    Fourth Amendment to Declaration      Electronic meeting    5th Amendment to Declaration    1st Amendment To The Bylaws

More links will be added as the community continues to develop.  Please check back often.

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